Tuesday, October 30, 2018

25 Hollywood Actresses Dressed Up for Halloween in the 1940s

Ava Gardner, 1940s

Ariel Heath, 1942

Angela Greene, 1944

Ann Savage, 1944

Ann Savage, 1944

Ann Rutherford, 1940s

Ann Miller, 1940s

Adele Jergens, 1940s

Gale Robbins, 1940s

Ellen Drew, 1940

Ella Raines, 1945

Dusty Anderson, 1945

Barbara Britton, Ella Neal, Eva Gabor and Katherine Booth, 1941

Barbara Bates, 1945

Yvonne De Carlo aka Lily Munster, 1940s

Veronica Lake, 1942

Nancy Gates, 1943

 Peggy Ryan, 1944

Myrna Dell, 1940s

Lynn Barri, 1940

Lucia Carroll, 1940s

Lillian Wells, 1940s

Jeanne Crain, 1940s

Jane Adams and Patricia Alphin, 1946

Gloria DeHaven, 1940s

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