Wednesday, October 31, 2018

35 Vintage Photos of Actresses Wearing Their Halloween Costumes

Bessie Love, 1920s

Clara Bow, 1929

Colleen Moore, 1920s

Myrna Loy, 1930s

Debbie Reynolds Halloween pinup, 1950

Barbara Britton, Ella Neal, Eva Gabor, and Katherine Booth, 1941

Barbara Bates, 1945

Barbara Bates and Penny Edwards, 1950

Ava Gardner dressed as a witch, 1944

Audrey Young as a black cat for Halloween, 1946

Anne Nagel, 1940s

Anne Gwynne, 1941

Ann Rutherford serves up made to order Halloween pumpkins, 1940s

Virginia Bruce, 1932

Joan Crawford as a funny clown, 1920s

Joan Blondell in a cat costume, 1930s

Ida Lupino, 1930s

Helen Bennett in spider dress, 1939

Dusty Anderson as a black cat, 1945

Dorothy Dix in Halloween costumes, 1930s

Dorothy Dare in 1928 Halloween

Marjorie Reynolds, Frances Brix and Mitzi Uehlein, 1940

Margaret Hamilton from the Wizard of Oz in the 1930s 

Maila Nurmi as a vampire, 1954

Lynn Barri, 1940s

Linda Darnell, 1940s.

Lillian Wells, 1940s

June Preisser carving pumpkins for Halloween, 1940s

Vera-Ellen, 1956

Silent film start Mary Pickford, 1910s

Shirley Temple in Halloween, 1935

Phyllis Kirk, 1950s

Paulette Goddard, 1939

Olga San Juan, 1940s

 Myrna Dell, 1940s

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