Tuesday, November 6, 2018

28 Remarkable Photos Showing the World in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Fishing on the river, Rome, 1885

Fishing in front of Mont Saint Michel, France, 1889

Copenhagen, Denmark, 1887

Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey, 1880

Burmese ladies on a vestival carts, 1900

Boating on the river, Amsterdam, 1891

Aeron Express, open Sea View, Aberaeron, Wales, 1911

Les Halles de Paris, 1904

Lake Constance in Konstanz, Germany, 1912

Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy, 1887

Kandyan chiefs in Sri Lanka, 1884

Highlanders, Scotland, 1887

Girl carrying water, Tonkin, Vietnam, 1907

Genoa in 1886

Princes Street, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1906

Ploughing with water buffalo, Burma, 1885

Natives in Laos, 1890

Modern U.S photographer, 1877

Mobile butcher, London, 1908

Manhattan in 1907

Locomotive on the bridge across the Rhine in Cologne, Germany, 1886

Wood & Hill - Wine & Spirits Merchants, London, 1907

Union Club, Park Street, Boston, 1875

Traction engine in Covill, Minnesota, 1910

The Flip-Flap, from Elite Gardens, Franco British Exhibition in London, 1908

Swarmed ships in the harbour, Kobe, 1909

Stolzenfels Castle in Germany, 1888

Railway bridge over the Maas, Rotterdam, 1890

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