Sunday, November 4, 2018

28 Vintage Photos Showing Life of Atlanta, Georgia during the 1800s

Atlanta's Grady Hospital on May 25, 1892

Atlanta in the Civil War, ca. 1861-65

Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, 1895

Atlanta’s Five Points area, 1892

Atlanta’s Equitable Building in 1892

Atlanta in 1864

Alabama Street, near its intersection with Pryor Street in downtown 
Atlanta, 1890

Peachtree Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864

Peachtree Street in Atlanta, GA, 1875

Peachtree (then Whitehall Street) looking toward Wall Street with the 
Kimball House looming in the background, ca. 1890s

Paddling around Lake Abana in Atlanta’s Grant Park in 1895

Federal officers in front of a home in Atlanta, Georgia during the Civil 
War, ca. 1861-65

 Downtown Atlanta taken from the roof of the Equitable Building, 1895

Decatur Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864

Wagon train on Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864

Wagon train leaving Atlanta, Georgia, 1864

The construction of the English American Building (also known as the 
Flatiron Building) in downtown Atlanta, 1897

The Catholic Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, 1895.

Taking a stroll through Atlanta’s Piedmont Park in 1895

Street in Atlanta, ca. 1890s

Railroad yards, Atlanta, Georgia, 1864

1890s view of Edgewood Avenue looking east toward Pryor, Atlanta.

Marietta and Peachtree St., Atlanta, 1871. 

Peachtree Street looking south from Five Points. 1875

Students from the Atlanta Medical College pose for a photograph in 
January 1895 in front of 34 Hilliard Street.

A cart on Peachtree Street, near Five Points in downtown Atlanta, 
Georgia. 1882

Whitehall Street, Atlanta, Georgia, ca. 1860s

Whitehall Street (now Peachtree Street) from Mitchell Street, 1895

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