Thursday, November 1, 2018

48 Beautiful Photos of Actress Toby Wing during the 1930s

Born Martha Virginia Wing in Amelia Court House, Virginia to Paul Wing and
Martha Thraves. She had a sister, Gertrude (nicknamed "Pat") and a younger
brother, Paul.

She began working onscreen at age 9. Her father was an assistant director for
Paramount Pictures. In 1931, she became one of the first Goldwyn Girls, and
in 1932 she was seen in Mack Sennett-produced comedies made by Paramount, one
starring Bing Crosby. Wing made an impression with producers and moviegoers,
but she seldom broke through to leading roles.

Many of her roles were small and barely clothed, before the introduction of
the 1934 Production Code, but she became widely recognized as a sex symbol.
Since her contracted studio was mired in bankruptcy during much of her
career, much of her work was done on loan, primarily at Warner Bros. and
later, after her release, on extremely low budget efforts on a per-film
basis. Wing enjoyed a far more successful sideline doing product endorsements
and was featured in innumerable fan magazines from 1933-38. She was also well
known offscreen for her romances, and was linked to Jackie Coogan (to whom
she was engaged during much of 1935), Maurice Chevalier, and Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Jr.

Toby Wing played a few leading roles in B features and short subjects. In
1936 and 1937, she worked opposite singer-songwriter Pinky Tomlin in two of
his low budget musical features, With Love and Kisses and Sing While You're
Able. The two stars were engaged briefly during late 1937. Although the
romance ended before their planned wedding, they remained close until
Tomlin's death.

Her last leading role was in The Marines Come Thru (filmed in Florida in
1938, but not seeing general release until 1942 as Fight On, Marines!). She
retired from movies after marrying the pilot Dick Merrill, more than 20 years
her senior, on October 19, 1938 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Wing completed
her acting career on Broadway in the unsuccessful Cole Porter musical You
Never Know, which starred Lupe VĂ©lez, Clifton Webb, Libby Holman, and J.
Harold Murray.

The couple retired to DiLido, Florida, where Merrill was assigned Eastern
Airlines' New York-Miami route for the remainder of his career. Wing became
successful in real estate in California and Florida. Wing and Merrill later
settled in Virginia, where they lived together until Merrill's death in 1982.

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