Saturday, December 29, 2018

27 Wonderful Vintage Photos Showing Everyday Life of American Teenage Boys in the 1940s

In 1940 as many as 8 out of 10 high school graduate teen boys went to war. The
teenage boys and college age young men who remained were part of a new fashion
movement that was entirely designed for teens by teens.

Boys adopted men’s clothing for their wardrobe but put on a more casual, relaxed,
spin on it. Their styles were not as extreme as the girls but none the less an
important shift in fashion history.

Here's a series of photographs of teenage boys taken by LIFE photographer Nina Leen
in Des Moines, Iowa in 1945.

Teen-ager dressed up for a week night date.

School dress of average high school boy.

Teenaged boys working on a 1927 Ford Model T.

Teen-age boys always carry a comb in their back pocket.

Teen-age boy drinking coke and eating crackers in bed.

Teen-age boy examining results of his first shave, the necessity for which only 
he could see, at home.

Teen-age boy taking second helping of pork chops.

Portrait of a smiling teen-age boy.

Teenage boy wearing sweater with letter R, relaxing outside.

Teen-age boy eating large breakfast.

Teen-age boys and girls eating lunch and drinking milkshakes in drug store.

Boy's playing cards in bedroom, which is nothing new, they live in their 

 Teenaged boys, rather than using a jack, simply lift the car so that the one 
pulling on tire can change it.

Teen-age boys eating lunch and drinking milk in drug store.

 Teen-age boys spend most of their time loafing around.

Teenage boys hang out in friend's bedroom, drinking Cokes, eating potato chips 
with assorted paraphernalia - gun, bow and arrows, pinups - visible around the 
room, Des Moines, Iowa.

Next to girls, teen-age boys like sports, usual Saturday afternoon pasttime.

Young men in plaid shirts drinking ice-cream sodas at soda fountain.

Boy combing his hair and puts in front wave, boys really like wavey hair but 
not curly hair.

Boys heckling girls at a hen party.

Boy eating candy bar in school and getting away with it is quite a trick, 
usually done under cover of school book.

Teen-age boys like reading sports and comic books at local drug store.

Next to girls, teen-age boys like sports, usual Saturday afternoon pasttime.

Teen-age boy in garage with father fixing a smashed fender.

Teen-age boys and girls drinking milkshakes in drug store.

Teen-age boy wearing Saturday outfit.

The local movie theater, boys have a very difficult time finding a place to 
put their long legs.

(Photos by Nina Leen, via LIFE archives) 

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