Thursday, December 6, 2018

32 Vintage Photos Showing American Stores During the Late 19th Century

Interior of a store in Nebraska

Nyack Library storefront in NYC

Manhart store interior at Plum Avenue, Sedalia, Colorado

Lighting store in Ohio

Jewelery store

Ice cream store front

Hat shop

Department store

Clyde Meredith's store in Seattle, Washington

Store in San Francisco, CA

Candy store

 Bon Bon's store interior

Store front in Utah

Pottery store

Fabric store in Pittsfield, Mass

Fabric store in Battle Creek, Michigan

F.B. Moors shoe store in Marysville, CA

 Drug store

Drug store

Drug store in New York City

Dickinson's drug store in Brooklyn, NYC

Dry goods store in DeKalb, Illinois

Hardware store

Grocery store in Oakland, CA

Grocery store in Clovis, New Mexico

Getting milk inside of grocery store

General store

General store

General store in West Virginia

General store in DeKalb, Illinois

Gas fixture store

Furniture store in Milledgeville, Georgia

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