Wednesday, January 16, 2019

11 Vintage Photos of Salvador Dalí and Amanda Lear in Cadaqués, Spain in 1972

Amanda Lear's first meeting with Salvador Dalí took place around autumn 1965 in Le Castel, a famous Parisian restaurant and nightclub, and gave the beginning to an over-15-year-long friendship. Lear has since been the painter's muse and closest friend, although, as she herself repeatedly marked, their relationship never was intimate.

In "My Life with Dalí" - the title of French singer's autobiography, first released in 1984, she also told about her relationship with this Spanish surrealist painter. The book, which had Dalí's full approval, gave detailed insights into the lives of both the artist and his muse.

These rare photos of Salvador Dalí and Amanda Lear were taken by Stockholm-based amateur photographer Sten-Åke Stenberg when he met them in Cadaqués, Spain in August 1972.

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