Saturday, January 26, 2019

18 Fascinating Photos of Life in the Netherlands From the 1930s to the 1950s

Puppet player carrying his Punch-and-Judy show / puppet show theatre across the Dam square in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 1935.

Man and woman towing a cargo-boat through a ship-canal. The Netherlands, 1931.

Faeces-collector collecting toilet-waste in buckets. Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1953.

Milkman going from door to door in the streets. The Netherlands, 1956.

Type-setter composing a printing text with led letters.

Miners returning from work. Limburg (Dutch province), the Netherlands, 1946.

Housewife cleaning doormat with carpet-beater. The Netherlands, 1955.

Beach photographer taking pictures of mother, children and a dog. The Netherlands, about 1930.

Telegram deliverers on bicycle greeting each other in the street. The Netherlands, Place unknown, early 1930's.

Town-crier announcing the latest news on the island of Terschelling, the Netherlands, 1938.

Men delivering ice in the old days when there were no refridgerators. The Netherlands, 1930's .

Human draught-horse. Man dragging carts over a steep bridge, for a small fee. Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1934.

Scissors-grinder. 1931.

Animal trainer with chained performing bear in the street. About 1930.

Caller-up waking up inhabitants by tapping a stick at the bedroom window. Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, 1947.

Ferryman in a rowing boat in a canal near Lisse, The Netherlands, 1952.

School dentist examining a school girl in the class room. The Netherlands, 1935.

Recording a radio play. The Netherlands, 1949.

(via Nationaal Archief) 

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