Tuesday, March 12, 2019

35 Vintage Photos of Street Scenes of the U.S in the 1960s

California. San Francisco, 1966

California. San Francisco, 1966

California.  Union Square, San Francisco, 1966

California. Abandoned Bodie, 1960

California. East Los Angeles, 1961

California. Hollywood, 1967

California. Hollywood, Los Angeles, ca. 1960s

 California. San Francisco, 1963

California. Santa Monica, 1964

Missouri. Downtown St Louis with New Busch Stadium, 1967

Florida. Bal Harbor, Miami, 1968

Florida. Miami from the air, ca. late 1960s

Florida. Phillips 66 gas station in the flood, 1965

Louisiana. New Orleans, 1968

Baltimore, Maryland. 1963 

Massachusetts. Commercial Street, Provincetown, 1961

Michigan. Conner Avenue, Detroit, ca. 1960s

Minnesota. Minneapolis aerial, 1964

Nevada. Las Vegas at night, 1962

New Jersey. Newark City Subway, 1965

Northeastern snow, ca. 1960s

Pennsylvania. 9th and Arch streets, Philadelphia, ca. mid-1960s

Pennsylvania. Fleetwood in winter, ca. 1960s

Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, circa early 1960s

Texas. Austin, 1962

Urban fire of a northeastern city, ca. 1960s

Austin, Texas, 1962

East Los Angeles, 1961

 Hollywood, Calif., 1967

Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, 1960s

Hollywood, Calif., 1960s

Chicago, Illinois, 1962

Under the Wabash St El, Chicago, Illinois, Early 60's

 San Deigo, Calif., 1968

San Francisco, Calif., 1967

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