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22 Stunning Photos of Jackson Hole, Wyoming in 1948

For decades the amazing landscape of Jackson Hole has attracted visitors, but well before 
they arrived for the world-class skiing, or renowned Western art scene, or the national 
parks, people flocked to Jackson’s dude ranches.

The valley was settled like much of the West, by cowboys and ranchers. There were more 
bison than there were people in the area. The romantic idea of riding a horse below the 
stunningly jagged mountain peaks drew the area’s first tourists who came to stay at the 
region's dude ranches.

Alfred Eisenstaedt, a LIFE photographer, represented the valley in 1948 in dramatic 
Technicolor when “cowboy” was still a common profession in the valley and tourists visited 
real working ranches staying for weeks at a time.

Snake River with the Grand Tetons in the background, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Young cowgirl Esther Allen trout fishing in String Lake. Teton Mountains behind. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Exterior of The Cowboy Bar with patrons hanging out outside. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Guests sitting around fireplace and listening to live music at Bearpaw Dude Ranch. Jack Huyler, son of owner, is playing guitar. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Room full of patrons gambling at The Cowboy Bar. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948

Broadway, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

 Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

 Highway 189 entering Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Lake and Grand Teton Mountain Range seen from the Ranch owned by Mr. and Mrs. Berol. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Moose feeding in stream, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

Entering Jackson Hole from the east along the Blackrock Creek with the Grand Tetons in the background. Jackson Hole, Wyoming, 1948.

(Photos by Alfred Eisenstaedt—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

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35 Amazing Photos of Famous People When They Were Young

Everyone was young once. It is a hard thing to believe sometimes, but it is true. Which 
makes it all the more curious to see what famous (or infamous) people looked like during 
their younger days. Take a look at 35 influential people before they became famous. You 
may be suprised.

Walt Disney at around the age of 16, circa 1917.

Oprah Winfrey crowned Miss Black Tennessee at age 17, East Tennessee State University, 1971.

Cadet Captain Donald Trump in his graduation photo from the New York Military Academy, 1964.

A rascally, young Stephen Colbert at age 22.

Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, 15-years old and already a member of Dollar Shave Club.

Christopher Walken, age 22.

Barak Obama, 1980, a freshman at Occidental College posing for a photo essay by aspiring photographer Lisa Jack.

Mother Teresa.

George Clooney at the age of 15.

Martin Luther King, Jr. at age 7.

 Martha Stewart, age 22.

A 15-year-old Samuel Clemens before he became Mark Twain.

Marilyn Monroe at age 12

One of the first known pictures of Abraham Lincoln, circa 1840.

21-year-old Sir Winston Churchill in military garb, 1895.

Larry David, 20-years-old, enthusiasm already curbed.

22-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton, Park Ridge, Illinois, June 1969

A young Josef Stalin 

10-year-old John F. Kennedy.

Vladimir Putin, 1970

Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren at age 25.

17-year-old Bill Clinton shacking hands with President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden, White House. July 24, 1963

Henry Hank Aaron, around age 19, circa 1953.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Fidel Castro reading while at his rebel base in Cuba's Sierra Maestra mountains, 1957.

Albert Einstein, age 3, 1882.

19-year-old Mahatma Gandhi.

Steve Jobs, Age 18

Sean Connery, age 23

Lady Gaga, Age 8

Clint Eastwood, Age 26

Goldie Hawn, Age 19

Queen Elizabeth II, an 18-year-old princess at the time, trained as a military mechanic and drove a supply truck during W.W. II

Charlie Chaplin at age 27 – 1916

23-year-old Frank Sinatra after he was arrested for adultery and seduction, a crime at the time [1938].