Friday, July 26, 2019

Rare Historical Photos Volume 1

 Sightseers park to watch a Stratocruiser taxi across an underpass in Queens, New York. 1951

Egyptian sarcophagus ring with a gold mummy inside, 1933

 Anton Chekhov with Leo Tolstoy, 1901

Changing street lamp in USA, circa 1910

Policeman uses baton on gaelic footballer supporter at disorder after the game 1971

Marilyn Monroe with Clark Gable in The Misfits (1961)

Contestants of the First Miss America Pageant (1921)

Stalingrad, 1942.

The Eiffel Tower under construction for the 1889 Exposition Universelle, Paris.

 Shoebill Stork being cared for after the bombing of the Berlin Zoo, 1945.

Eighteen year old inventor, H. Day wearing headphones attached to a wireless under his top hat on May 1922 in UK.

Adolf Hitler visiting the Les Invalides, the tomb of Napoléon Bonaparte at Paris, France. 1940.

According to legend, somewhere between 1915 and 1921, Chaplin decided to enter a Chaplin look-alike contest, and lost, badly.

Women’s Army Corps members don gas masks for a training drill at Iowa’s Fort Des Moines, September 7 1942

Bootleg booze: Workers wave from the top of a tower of confiscated alcohol in 1929

 A piano which can be played by bed-ridden individuals, 1935 

 A Finnish soldier with a pack Reindeer, on an ice covered lake, in northern Lapland, Finland. October 26, 1941.

A captured Soviet T-55 in the 1968 Prague uprising.

A Scottish infantry regiment of the British Army, and Indian troops march past the Great Pyramid in the North African Desert,1940.

Soviet war in Afghanistan. A Soviet helicopter flying past one of the two Buddhas of Bamiyan in the Bamyan valley.

Bathing beauties in Potomac, ca. 1920.

Mata Hari, 1910

Mussolini and his pet lion Ras.

Swords used in the coronation of Frederick the Great, recovered by American forces from the German bunker at the end of World War II.

 Hindenburg Ad for Mercedes-Benz 540K Roadster

 President Johnson sworn into office aboard Air Force One. 1963.

Marilyn Monroe,1958.

A crowd cheers as a beer truck leaves a brewery in Chicago after Congress passed a bill legalizing 3.2 percent beer in April 1933.

British RAF Pilot with Monkey, Libya, 1942.

Mushroom cloud as a result of nuclear testing as seen from downtown Las Vegas in 1957

Ernest Hemingway and cat.

Children pretend to be nurses in the ruins of a bombed London, WWII

Greta Garbo and the MGM lion. 1925.

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