Sunday, August 18, 2019

30 Wonderful Vintage Photos of Famous Dads With Their Daughters

The father/daughter relationship is a special one, a thought that's not lost on these famous fathers. Whether they're brand-new daddies just learning the ropes of parenthood or experienced family men, these busy showbiz dads make time for the lucky ladies in their lives. Scroll down for a selection of cute celebrity dads and their even cuter offspring.

Robert Redford and daughter Shauna, 1969.

John Barrymore and daughter Diana, 1942. 

Alfred Hitchcock and daughter Patricia, 1942

Orson Wells, Rita Hayworth and daughter Rebecca, 1945.

Michael Redgrave and daughter Lynn, 1946. 

Gary Cooper and daughter Maria, 1949.

Jackie and Rachel Robinson with their infant daughter, Sharon, Los Angeles, 1950.

Pablo Picasso and daughter Paloma, 1951.

Harry Truman and daughter Margaret, 1952. 

Desi Arnaz with daughter Lucie, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz Jr., 1953.

Richard Burton and daughter Kate, 1957.

John F. Kennedy with daughter Caroline, 1958.

Dean Martin with daughter Gina Caroline, 1958.

Tony Curtis with daughter Jamie Lee, 1959.

John Glenn with daughter Lyn, 1959.

Ann-Margret with her father Gustav Olsson, 1961.

Burt Lancaster with daughter Sighle (pronounced Sheila), 1961

Al Hirschfeld with his daughter Nina, 1961.

Astronaut Scott Carpenter with daughter Candy, 1962. 

John Mills with daughter Hayley, 1962.

Steve McQueen kisses his daughter Terry goodnight in 1963. 

Robert F. Kennedy with daughter Mary, 1963. 

Lyndon Johnson with daughters Lucy and Lynda, 1964

Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton and daughter Hayley, 1965. 

Frank Sinatra and daughter Nancy (with Yul Brynner), 1965. 

Charlie Chaplin with daughters Josephine and Victoria, 1966. 

Charles M. Schulz and daughter Jill, 1967.

Dustin Hoffman with his daughter Karina, 1969. 

Jack Nicholson and daughter Jennifer, 1969.

Donald Sutherland and daughter Rachel, 1970.


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