Tuesday, September 10, 2019

27 Wonderful Vintage Photos of Life in England in 1960.

London. 1960. Women with baby carriages.

London. 1960. Scene at cafe.

London. 1960. Lloyd's list.

London. 1960. Man and woman reflected in car window.

 London. 1960. Nurse at hospital.

London. 1960. Couple sitting in pub.

London. 1960. Dog in car.

London. 1960. Young girl walking in Regents Park.

1960. Hastings.

Hastings. 1960. Children playing on rocks.

Beach of Brighton. 1960. Cockles and Whelks.

Hastings. 1960. Couple having tea on the beach.

UK. 1960.

Brighton. 1960. Woman in wheelchair.

Brighton. 1960. "I love a phantom."

Brighton. 1960. Couples on stone beach.

London. 1960. Women's bowling on green.

Brighton. 1960. Teatime in the car.

UK. 1960. Man carrying flowers.

UK. 1960. Young boy with glasses.

UK. 1960. Three boys running in streets.

UK. 1960. Women sewing.

UK. 1960.

UK. 1960.

London. 1960. Crowd reflected in car windows.

London. 1960. Woman washing floor.

London. 1960. Bombed out car park.

(All images © Bruce Davidson)

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