Thursday, April 16, 2020

56 Vintage Photos of California During the Early 20th Century

Looking north on Broadway from near 3rd Street showing streetcars, Los Angeles, California, 1900

The beach and Cliff House in San Francisco, California, 1902

Osen and Hunt Auto Factory, San Jose, California, 1900

Hotel Virginia in Long Beach, California, 1905

San Francisco, California, 1906

Downtown Los Angeles on Spring and First Street as it looked in the early 1900s.

Huntington Beach Pier, 1910.

Seal Beach Amusement Park, 1919.

A streetcar in San Diego in 1915 on 5th and Broadway.

Catalina Island in the early 1900s.

The view of the Redondo Beach pier and pavilion, 1915.

Venice, CA in 1913 on Windward Avenue. The banner is announcing a game between the Chicago White Sox and Venice Tigers.

Town of Avalon on Santa Catalina Island with new Metropole Hotel and Grand View Hotel, 1905

Venice Beach Amusement Park in the early 1900s.

Santa Barbara in the early 1900s. A view of the downtown area on State Street is pictured here.

Santa Monica in the early 1900s on 3rd and Broadway. The Bank Building is pictured here.

Ruins of City Hall after the earthquake in San Francisco, California, 1906

View of North Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley from the Santa Monica Mountains, 1909. 

View of Hollywood in 1905, looking west by southwest from Laughlin Park.

Highland and Franklin in Hollywood, 1903.

Glendale as it looked in 1915 on Brand Boulevard.

San Pedro in 1907 on a commercial stretch of Beacon Street between 5th and 6th Street.

Highland Avenue north of Hollywood Boulevard, 1906. 

Rural East Hollywood, 1905.

Long Beach Pike, 1915

 Long Beach Pier, 1905

A glimpse of Santa Ana circa 1910 at Fourth Street and Main during the Ringling Bros. Circus parade.

Sunset Boulevard and Crescent Drive, 1911. 

The Cahuenga Valley from Normandie and Melrose, 1900.

Cabbage packing industry near the Whittier Brick Company, California in 1910

Horses and carriages on the beach near the Long Beach Pier, 1900.

Visitors to Long Beach model their bathing suits, 1910.

The Fresno Brewing Company in 1913.

A Santa Monica beach scene in the early 1900s at the North Beach Bath House.

Sunbathing at Long Beach in front of the Bath House wearing suits, dresses and hats! 1900s

By the Long Beach Bath House, 1906

El Centenario Cafe, Los Angeles, early 1900s

Huge crowds surround the All Night And Day Bank on the corner of Spring Street and Sixth Street, Los Angeles, 1910

The rock quarry at Folsom State Penitentiary, California, 1910

Avalon Bay, California, 1910.

First National Bank, corner of Greenleaf and Philadelphia in Whittier, California, 1907

Ostrich at Cawston Ostrich Farm in South Pasadena, California, 1910s

In the Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 1900

Market Street and Palace Hotel, San Francisco, 1900

A day's catch at Big Lagoon, California, 1908

Pedestrians on Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, 1905

Maypole dance at Mills College in Oakland, 1910

View of the pier and pavillion at Redondo Beach, 1915

 The corner of Olive and 5th Streets, downtown L.A. in 1910.

Panoramic view of Avalon Harbor, showing steamboat at center of harbor, Santa Catalina Island, 1910

Panoramic view of Avalon Harbor from the north, showing boats in the harbor, Santa Catalina Island, 1900

Pasadena, looking north along Fair Oaks Avenue from Colorado Street, 1910

Fair Oaks Avenue looking south from Colorado Boulevard. Pasadena, 1903

Bathers at Long Beach, 1910

Ocean Park Beach in Santa Monica, 1914

Long Beach, 1919

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