Friday, October 9, 2020

17 Groovy Photos of High School Fashions in 1969


Students at Woodside High in California, 1969.

 High school students wearing "hippie" fashion, 1969.

High schooler Lenore Reday stops traffic while wearing a bell-bottomed jump suit in Newport Beach, Calif., 1969.

High school fashions, 1969.

High school fashions, 1969.

Southern California high school student wears old-fashioned tapestry skirt and wool shawl, 1969.

Southern California high school students, 1969.

High school student wearing bell bottoms and boots, 1969.

Student Rosemary Shoong at Beverly Hills High School, wearing a dress she made herself, 1969.

Beverly Hills High classmates show off their fashions, 1969.

High school teacher Sandy Brockman wears a bold print dress, 1969.

Corona del Mar High School students Kim Robertson, Pat Auvenshine and Pam Pepin wear "hippie" fashions, 1969.

High schooler Nina Nalhaus wears wool pants and a homemade jacket in Denver, Colo., 1969.

A Southern California high school student walks toward classmates while wearing the "Mini Jupe" skirt, 1969.

Southern California high schooler wears a buckskin vest and other hippie fashions, 1969.

Beverly Hills High School student Erica Farber, wearing a checkered and tiered outfit, walks with a boy, 1969.

Kansas high school student wearing a mini skirt, 1969.

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