Saturday, February 27, 2021

12 Photos From Your Childhood That Would Get Your Parents in a Lot of Trouble if They Were Taken Today


Most of us will totally identify with these photos and realise what (extreme) danger our parents put us in. Funny to think how safe our grandchildren now – proper car seats, bike helmets and no poisonous toys. They practically live in a bubble.

They Helped Us Drink Beer Straight From the Bottle.

They Left Us Unattended 

 They Wanted Us to Lose Our Fingers.

They’d Pile Us in the Back of a Ute.

They Let Us Ride With No Helmets.

They Called This a Car Seat.

They Let Us Drink Soft Drink.

They’d Let Us Play in Crocodile Infested Swamps.

 They Took Us for a Ride in Their Basket.

They Liked to Let Us Play and Move in the Car.

They Didn’t Use Bike Straps.

They Bought Us Toys That Contained Lead and Were Fire Hazards.

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