Sunday, February 14, 2021

38 Vintage Photos Showing U.S. Classroom Scenes From the Late 1800s to the Early 1900s


Thanksgiving Day lesson at Whittier, 1899.

Outdoor class in botany, Washington, DC, 1899.

Students of 8th Division school using rulers, yardsticks, and measuring tape in school yard, Washington, DC, 1899.

Two girls and a boy pumping water at well of Hampton Institute graduate, 1899-1900.

Women painting at easels in a class at the Art Students' League, Washington, DC, 1889.

Group of public school children offering peanuts to animals in the National Zoo, Washington, DC, 1899.

Isadora Duncan's dance students, 1899.

Machine shop class, Washington, DC, 1899.

Art class, sketching ducks at zoo, Normal school, 1899.

Hampton Institute, Hampton, Va., 1898.

Louis Firetail (Sioux, Crow Creek), wearing tribal clothing, giving a presentation in an American history class, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia, 1899-1900.

6th Division mathematics class on a street paving problem, 1899.

A class at the zoo - the bird cage, 1899.

A class in dressmaking, Hampton Institute, Hampton, Virginia, 1899.

Art class with live model, Normal School, Washington, DC, 1899.

Classroom scenes in Washington, D.C. public schools - outdoor exercise with rods, 1899.

 History class at the Tuskegee Institute.

School children on a field trip.

School children conducting simple experiments, Washington, DC, 1899.

School children examining wild flowers on field trip, Washington, DC, 1899.

School children learning a dance in a school yard, Washington, DC, 1899.

School children measuring and sketching at a stone building, Washington, DC, 1899.

Schoolgirls doing calisthenics.

Cooking class.

Elementary school class on Native American Culture.

Female students exercising with dumbbells, Western High School, Washington, DC, 1899.

Geography class at the Hampton Institute.

Girls in a science laboratory at Eastern High School, Washington, DC, 1899.

Girls on the playground, 1899.

2nd Division grade school pupils examining a mailbox, 1899.

6 girls in art class, drawing at easels, Eastern High School, Washington, DC, 1899.

Academie Julian, Paris, group of art students, 1885.

Children and teacher in classroom studying corn and cotton, Annie Davis School, near Tuskegee, Alabama, 1902.

Schoolgirls with teacher, learning to cook on a wood stove in classroom, 1899.

Students at Hampton Institute, 1899.

Students at Hampton Institute, 1899.

Art class.

Class of the Sixth Division at the Library of Congress, 1899.

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