Friday, February 5, 2021

51 Amazing Photos Showing Life in America During the 1950s


Colored Entrance, Alabama, 1956

Ladylike In NYC, 1958

A Drink and a cigar, 1950's

An Officer With Hot Foot Teddy, The Real-Life Inspiration For Smokey The Bear, 1950

Daytona Beach,1957

James Dean Just Hours Before His Fatal Crash. September 30, 1955

Store Front, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

 Girl And Her Grandmother Window-Shopping In Mobile, Alabama, 1956

Anne St. Marie, New York City, 1959

Alabama, 1956

The Streets Of San Francisco. 1957

Girl. Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956

At The Party, 1956

Showgirls Playing Chess Backstage At The Latin Quarter Nightclub – New York, NY 1958

Outside Looking In, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

Florida, 1957

 South Side Snack. 1953, Chicago

Child In A Car Seat, 1950s

Keepin' Cool, 1954

Alabama, 1956


Marilyn Monroe In A Potato Sack Dress 1951

New York City, 1953

San Francisco 1951

At The Parade In Palm Springs, Florida. 1955

Mr. And Mrs. Albert Thornton. Mobile, Alabama, 1956

Hula Girl. Hawaii, 1956

Boys From Alabama, 1956

Dancer-Actress Gwen Verdon In A Hammock Wearing A Ballgown On NYC Rooftop (1953)

The Girl In The Car. 1954

 1950s School Dance Photo

Fresh-Squeezed, 1951

New York City, 1957

Boy With A Duck, 1953

Gifts For Christmas, 1958

Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956

Atlanta Airport In 1956

Mother And Children, 1956

Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956

Taxi Driver, 1956

Grandmother And Grandson, New York State, 1950's

Christmas, 1951

Collisions Of Ford And A Suburban Train. Los Angeles, 1955

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