Wednesday, March 10, 2021

50 Incredible Vintage Photos of Life in America during the 1950s Volume 1


Family At Home, 1956

Collisions Of Ford And A Suburban Train. Los Angeles, 1955

Sightseers Park To Watch A Stratocruiser Taxi Across An Underpass In Queens, New York, 

March 1951

Summertime In America, 1950's: Eating Watermelon

Alaska, 1950

Times Square, 1955

 Little Cowboy, 1956

Picnic In Los Angeles, California. 1959

Dottie & Sally - September 1951


Glen Cove, Long Island, 1956

Chicago, 1950s

USNS Breckinridge US Navy Ship. 1959


Colored Entrance, Alabama, 1956


1956 Ford Sunliner Parade Car, 1958

The Egg Boy. Anderson, Indiana, 1950s

1950's Chevy Hardtop At A Chevron Station, 1957

Little Lady On A Tricycle, Early 1950s

A Girl With A Dog And A Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe 4 Door, 1950

Maxwell Street, Chicago, 1953

Times Square, New York City, 1950s

Snorkeling In Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1958

Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, 1954

Southern Part Of The Country, 1954


Los Angeles, 1950s

Store Front, Mobile, Alabama, 1956

Grandfather With His Grandson

1957 Buick Roadmaster. Chicago

Daytona Beach, Florida, 1950

Minnesota, September 1952

At The Gas Station, 1957

Flying Boat. Virginia, 1955

Children. Los Angeles, 1954


Girl And Her Grandmother Window-Shopping In Mobile, Alabama, 1956

Chicago 1959

Hotel Dunes, Las Vegas


Children playing dress-up.

Fremont Street, Las Vegas, 1958

Wooden Bridge In Bryant Park

 Ohio, 1955

Sears Department Store With Christmas Decorations

 Air View Of A Farm Somewhere Over Minnesota, 1952

Wausau, Wisconsin. 1955

 Bus Station

Alexandria, Virginia, 1956

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